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Created by Defne Erdur Eligible Member // Teacher | 2012.08.14

Reflections through the process of 'self-portrait'
The experience of "Self-Portriat" led by Defne Erdur and questions on being a teacher, a student, an individual, a participant in a group.
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By aylin kalem
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Self Portrait- Documentation of participant Esra Yurttut
Documentation of Defne Erdur's class I share some of my my experiences as a student and a teacher.
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By Esra Yurttut
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Self Portrait - Initial Invitation
This idoc is a proposition for a class in Stolzenhagen meeting. I would like to modify one of my classes that I give for creative processes of dance artists for creative/teaching processes o...
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By Defne Erdur Eligible Member
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Self portrait- resonances of a class by Defne Erdur
This is an idoc written after the class, Self Portrait, by Defne Erdur. All of them are my personal impressions. Not all of the execises done in class are included in this idoc. Only the on...
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By sebnem yuksel
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Documentation of Defne Erdur's class
Two different ways of documenting a class by writing: 1. Class in 42 steps 2. Word by word writing
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By Vita Osojnik
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self portrait - documentation
Documentation from Gitta Barthel of the class Self-portraits given by Defne Erdur, 12.8.12.: outside view – done while the class and reworked after – my perspective for the documentatio...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Self Portrait – Is it still resonating?
This idoc is a collective idoc of all the participants of "Self Portrait" class taught by Defne Erdur in Stoltzenhagen Teachers Meeting. All the participants are invited to leave some traces...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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