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Anouk asked me to videotape her class in Stolzenhagen the 13th of august 2012. I want to share some thoughts I had by following the class a a documenting person.

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I enjoyed following the class with the video camera. Thoughts about how much material I want to produce made me aware of the timing of anouks class. Giving enough time for the exploration of the structure of the other and as well as using the "other" to explore myself. These sensations leading towards the exploration of the space. Excerpts of this you can see as videostill connected to this idoc. This concluded in a 15 min drawing for everybody. Same pens, same papersize - placing these documents finally in the space as an installation.

In the aftertalk I got aware of the different layers people are refering to in their feedback. Personal experience as a participant of the class. Feedback to Anouk as facilitator, feedback to the question of documentation.

Using drawing as one possible form to create documents seems to be quiet unusual to many people. Drawing with closed eyes as Anouk proposed makes it easier to access. The drawings in themselves are a document, going together with the memory of the class. I saw Anouk doing interviews with a few people about their drawing. Curious to read this.

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