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IDOCs » Spectrum of the senses II : A Tuning Scores and BMC® based workshop with Anouk Llaurens and Eva Maes
Program, audio recordings, drawings and texts.

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 Friday 6th of December 2013, Studio Mutin, Brussels, Belgium.


Participants: Sandra Vincent, Laure Myers, Leslie Maerschalk, Anouk Llaurens and Eva Maes


Anouk Llaurens'session (morning):

For this second workshop we will go on with the notions of “environment and explorer”, “stable and unstable”, measuring time and space, practicing being in between our own desire and the necessity of the whole space. To dig into these notions, we will come back to the score ‘ the two sides of touch ‘ focusing this time on the dialogue between touch and vision. We will play the score in a trio, use vocal calls to access details and circulate between the position of “doer” and “watcher” to sharpen our sense of composition from both sides. Talking, writing and drawing will be used as reflexive tools for integrating and sharing our experience with the others. For more info about Lisa Nelson work:

1. Why are you here? : round with participants. (audio 1)

2."Warm up score”: use the environment to get to know yourself or use yourself to explore the environment moving or being still. Possibility to calls for open (eyes open) and closed (eyes closed). (audio 2)

3.Trio score and  documentation:  an environment an explorer and a watcher. The two sides of touch score (See is played with one hand exploring and one hand as environment.  Participants circulate from one position to the other. They can use the vocal calls, open (eyes open), close (eyes closed) and report (talking about you present experience). They spend 20 minutes in each role. In between each change of role, they take five minutes to revisit their experience and to draw this activity while doing it with a black pen. They also have the possibility to write about it or to do both. (audio 3, 4, 5)

4.Selecting: Participants take the time to come back to their documents (drawings and writings) and to select what they want to share.

5.Sharing: emerging topics are Teaching each other through reports, research space, documentation, and environment are topics that came up. ( audio 6, 7, 8)



 Eva Maes ' session (afternoon) : 

Through hands-on work, movement exploration and other anatomical insights the developmental stages of the senses will be explored. In the first workshop special attention was dedicated to the skin in relation to the sense of touch and to the vestibular structures in relation to proprioception. Continuing exploring this ‘foundation’ more attention in the second workshop will be drawn to the sense of taste (mouth). Relational and compositional aspects of the senses will be encountered through stillness, movement and dance. For more info on Body-Mind Centering: ;

 1. Intro  + The development of the senses (audio 9)

3. Exploration 1: The sense of taste and the mouthing pattern. (audio 10)

4. Spinal yield and push from head and tail (audio 11)

5. Exploration 2: rooting reflex (audio 12)

6. Feedbacks: emerging topics are non verbal communication (audio13), reaching out for food (audio 14), the moro reflex (audio 15), survival/satisfaction ( audio 16), mouthe/ anus ( audio 17), orient/ occident (audio 18)



Note about the downloaded documents (audio, drawings and texts)

Audio coming from Anouk Llaurens session are first and Eva Maes' session second. Don't hesitate to scroll down to have access to them. Some are about the explorations proposed and other are feedbacks from participants. They  are individual testimonies of a collective experience.They are named so you can choose theme that call you. For Anouk ‘s framed feedback (sharing) you have the possibility to simultaneously listen to the audio and look at the drawings that are presented in "order of appearance”: Sandra Vincent, Laure Myers, Anouk Llaurens, Leslie Maerschalck and Eva Maes. 


This co-teached workshop (Anouk Llaurens & Eva Maes) is the second one of a series that investigates the spectrum of the senses (see date below). We want to offer an in-depth exploration, based on the approach of Body-Mind Centering® as well as on Lisa Nelson “Tuning Scores”.  It is a prolongation of an already existing relationship, as one important support for the development of Lisa Nelson work were her meetings with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the 70. On the other hand, Lisa Nelson, being the main editor of Cohen's 'Sensing Feeling Action', has been an invaluable force to help articulating and making visible 'BMC approach'. Both Body-Mind Centering as ‘Tuning Scores’ are embedded in a broader scientific and artistic research oriented to highlight our physical base, for the sake of exploration, but also with the possible consequence of opening new avenues for improvisation, composition, inspiration...

To build a sense of continuity, a documentation of the workshops based on audio recordings, drawings, images, anatomical documents and referential texts, will unfold on the IDOCDE web site (International Documentation Of Contemporary Dance Education).  



why are you here
anouk llaurens warm up
Anouk intro trio documentation
calls -vocalized desires
Anouk Llaurens Trio score
anouk Llaurens- sharing drawings and writings
anouk llaurens - about the documentation
anouk llaurens - about environment
Eva Maes - development of the senses
Eva Maes - taste and mouthing pattern
Eva Maes - Spinal yield and push from head and tail
Eva Maes - Rooting reflex
Eva Maes - Feedback- non verbal communication
Eva Maes - feedback - reaching out for food
Eva Maes- feedback - Moro reflex
Eva Maes - feedback - survival - satisfaction
Eva Maes - Feedback - Bouche Anus
Eva Maes Feedback - occident orient
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Sandra 2 Verso Env
Sandra 1 Recto
Sandra 1 Verso
Laure Watcher
Laure Environment
Anouk Framer
Leslie Explorer
Leslie Watcher
Eva Environment
Eva Watcher
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[type: mp3Anouk Llaurens Trio score
[type: mp3anouk Llaurens- sharing drawings and writings
[type: mp3anouk llaurens - about the documentation
[type: mp3anouk llaurens - about environment
[type: mp3Eva Maes - development of the senses
[type: mp3Eva Maes - taste and mouthing pattern
[type: mp3Eva Maes - Spinal yield and push from head and tail
[type: mp3Eva Maes - Rooting reflex
[type: mp3Eva Maes - Feedback- non verbal communication
[type: mp3Eva Maes - feedback - reaching out for food
[type: mp3Eva Maes- feedback - Moro reflex
[type: mp3Eva Maes - feedback - survival - satisfaction
[type: mp3Eva Maes - Feedback - Bouche Anus
[type: mp3Eva Maes Feedback - occident orient

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