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2021 IDOCDE residencies

Alain Calliau & Imani Ramses


Monday june 7th until  Monday july 19th a weekly virtual meeting from 7p.m  until 8.30p.m CEST

Monday july 26th to Friday july 30th an intensive daily program with a zoom meeting 9a.m-10a.m and a  public space laboratory  11a.m-1p.m CEST

Caillau, founder of the EXPERIMENTALBODY Lab (the public space improv laboratory based in Toulouse FR) and Rameses, founder of (re)Public (the public space improv laboratory based in Vienna) are inviting you to a subtle celebration of living spaces. Participants will be given a series of proposals to guide them as they lay down the flags in an unspoken declaration of everything. During the practice, the participants are asked to perceive the sidewalk, the streets, the squares, the park bench as places of collective ownership. The participants can share their experiences in a digital archive to be later discussed and presented at the group's virtual meetings. Together we shall take notice of "what is ours"as a way of celebrating the ever-present vitality offered in the spaces we inhabit everyday.



Kristian Larsen

sonics and movement and improvisation and thinking and being


I am proposing 8, 2 hour sessions one day per week, beginning NZT June 9 through July 21st, Wednesday 7pm to 9pm, TUESDAY 8AM to 10AM CEST
(Kristian is based in Aotearoa New Zealand so all times are in NZT with CEST noted next to them.)

In performance sound can be an invisible felt force, visceral and alive sparking sensation, emotion, knowing, the desire to move and the desire to be moved.

Sound also has the capacity to complicate and interfere. It can be unwanted music, less than ideal durations, volume that is too loud or too quiet, incidental everyday sonic intrusions, problematic structures in time to be negotiated with movement.

In choreography sound can be a dramaturgical constant, a gateway into meaning, an escape from the bounds of the literal, a toy to be played with, a hefty boundary commandeering mood.

Taking deep listening as a possible entry point, this online group is for dancers, choreographers. musicians, performers, teachers, artists, or simply interested parties. This is a facilitated event towards the creation of materials, artefacts and presentation events for idocde’s symposium.

The process is open to what it is you bring in your practice, in your research, and in your curiosity. There is room for collaboration, instinctive approaches, new projects, technical considerations. We will explore our already comprehensive understanding of sound and take a more conscious approach to playing with an expanded palette of sonic creation in the context of idocde’s propositions for the residency.

All the while developing our listening skills and sharing with each other how we use/would like to use sound in our work and daily lives.

Subversion, complication, framing, reorganising, cross contaminating, simplifying. Sound and movement can be considered together with feeling, listening, and producing as a totality.



Laura Rios

How to cultivate the mystery? 


Two hours once a week.

We will have our first meeting on wednesday 12 pm, NOON Mexico City time. 

We are in a breaking point.  What resists dying? What is mutating?  What are your questions?   This is exciting!  love + death =  ?

We will interpellate the ideokinetic methodology for scenic creation based on the phases:  Visualize it, feel it, forget it and let it happen that I´ve been researching for more than 10 years.  Based on Deborah´s Hay phrase:  "Cross the space doing magic". Together maybe we will invent a game, maybe we can make a frame for others to experience the per/mutation. Who knows what can we do together? The idea is not to have anything clear but  to dive into the unknown.  How can we cultivate the mystery?   Let´s see...

The residency will be in spanish &/ or english. 

Everybody of any age or discipline are welcome.




lo bil


]*%rstnz sourcing connection


1 hour a week

First meeting:  Monday June 7 at 3pm EST

  • The best meeting time will be collectively decided at the first meeting
  • If you cannot attend but you are interested in joining you are welcome to send your email to and I will try to make a regular meeting time that works for people who are interested.

I would like to explore methodologies and perspectives related to decolonizing our moving-thinking, what that might mean, how to be with realities of inequity, how to activate our practices that encompass reflection on the contexts we are situated in. 

Participants will bring source ideas either written, spoken, or movement-based that we can reflect on and develop our thinking, speaking and relational awarenesses. 

And in relation to the investigation of context: How to document what emerges from internal process, e.g. documentation imposes a visual read of what we are working on but if our practice is coming from internal cues and aspects of identity related to lived history that is no longer present except through the body’s remembrance, how can these internal processes become revealed through documentation?

Myself, I am interested in practice and discussions about vulnerability, labour, equity, pleasure, visibility, and finding ways to reveal work from practices that are hard to document.

At the Conference:

I imagine our conversations will lead to a virtual presentation as I am not travelling right now. However participants are welcome to form a live contingent if they are present at the Conference. I would like to work toward presenting a collective movement-based offering or participatory action via zoom that we will broadcast at the symposium. Perhaps also the development of a process-based video or audio offering that can be accessed asynchronously.


our instagram is a collectively authored associative game.  we open the space for anonymous posts from the IDOCDE community:

password: idocde2021

we are thinking about land back, about feeling through the unsettling, acknowledging the body in a state of constant change. developing skill at spiralling wildness. 
and documenting actions toward self governance and nurturing slow-time relationality with community including non-human ancestors.



Silvia Marchig


I would like to start with a once-a -week meeting, for two hours, via zoom, beginning with the week 28.6. The exact time of the meetings we can negotiate with the group. I live in the CEST time zone.

In the last period, from 25th July to 30th July, I would like to meet daily for 4 hours. This last period could be realized live present, in Vienna, or in hybrid live/digital form, if someone wants to join, but can not be present physically. I propose to meet and work more intensely in this last period, live or through a digital platform.

Taking the questions that describe this year's symposium (see below) as the starting point for exploring and sharing individual experiences, I would like to work on a practice /score/ ritual for and from the group, considering the needs and contingency of the assemblage that we'll create. It is an invitation to join the space that we will keep for each other, sparking our curiosity, allowing the themes and questions to emerge, enjoying tactile, sensorial and affective environment, even if mediated through the digital impulses. 

If possible, I would like it to become a live event/presentation at the symposium.

"In a poetic sense, what parts of your experience of this mortal dance did you choose to trace this year? How did you record those traces? Did you share them? How did you share them? And how did your experience of documenting and sharing change your practice? Who died?

And who survived?

What has continued practicing through this stressful period––albeit in a mediated way––taught you about the values that practicing dancing (inevitably) brings to this world and represents in this world? This changing world? This living world? This dying world? And how did documenting support that work, and did it support instead of weighing it down?"