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welcome to the schedule-in-the-making page of the upcoming IDOCDE symposium.

following the strategy we employed last year, when we organised our first fully virtual symposium, we are now sharing with you everything we know about this year's symposium.

please note! this page is (a)live: i (pavleheidler, Editor of the IDOCDE website) am in contact with the artists and educators who will be presenting at this year's symposium on a daily basis, and am committed to sharing the information and updating the information just as soon as i have access to the information or else have the time to update the information.

you will notice that the current update, with the exception of a single event, isn't yet organised in time. something to look forward to, i say. :)


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thank you for staying in touch and keeping up with our process.
pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE



all times are noted in CENTRAL EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME (CEST)


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Monday to Friday, July 26th to July 30th, 2021


Kristian Larsen

sonics and movement and improvisation and thinking and being

IDOCDE residency


The audio group residency consisted of 6 people, Klaas Devos (Belgium), Christina Houghton (New Zealand), Yin-Chi Lee (New Zealand/ Taiwan), Praxedes Martinez (Mexico), Janaina Moraes (New Zealand/ Brazil) with facilitation by Kristian Larsen (New Zealand)


Meeting weekly on zoom and in the studio in Auckland we took listening as an entry point towards a shared practice. 

What we considered initially was the materiality of sound - the reliance of sound on the materials it encounters in order to be what it is – a sonic event vibrating, moving reflecting off of, and being absorbed by the places that we live and the stuff that makes up the body. 

We paid attention to mundane sounds. Why would one always listen closely to the traffic, or birds, or neighbours’ voices through walls, or one’s own breathing? The familiar sounds that slip from awareness readily.

We engaged openly and sensitively with a shared movement – listening practice almost each and every session. Where we were physically contextualised and materialised the virtuality of practice shared in real time via video 

How much of one’s receptive awareness can one keep whilst exploring the desire to discover sound and movement? To move the body imaginatively and openly whilst retaining an intention to move specifically in order to create a sound and keeping a sense of connection with others through a zoom meeting. 

We made sounds, hunted for sounds not yet made, described our immediate worlds through the presence of sonic events. We noticed the movements that made sounds intentionally and the unintended sonic results of some movements. We appreciated uninvited and unwanted sound. We skilfully ignored some thoughts about those things whilst cultivating fresh insights occasionally.

We thought and conversed and listened and conversed more. Contexts formed and dissolved around temporality, memories, the hyper-mobility of attention.

Sound and movement were considered together with feeling, listening, and producing as a totality. It sounds complicated but really it wasn’t. 

We made recordings. 

We kept diaries (sort of)

We created artefacts.

We talked about being where we are and being there. 

We took pleasure in the residency, in listening, and in each other’s company.


for podcast release times, please check the schedule
the link to the podcasts will be made available soon



Alain Calliau & Imani Ramses

an IDOCDE residency

laying down the flags 

10:30AM till 11:30AM

see below for detailed description 


Schedule : 

Pre-symposium week

Every person is invited from monday to friday to experiment our proposal in public space in 5 different places.

DAY 1 July 26th - 11:00-13:00 - The Hofburg
DAY 2 July 27th - 11:00-13:00 - Strudlhofstiege
DAY 3 July 28th - 11:00-13:00  - Belvedere Botanical Gardens 
DAY 4 July 29th - 11:00-13:00 - Leopold Museum (inside)
DAY 5 July 30th - 11:00-13:00 - Haus Des Meeres (outside courtyard)





Saturday, July 31st, 2021

OFFLINE + streamed online from Arsenal, Vienna



Dages Juvelier Keats

we are the rain

9:30AM till 10:30AM


We are the flesh of the peach. The mystery of the universe is the pit. We are the explicit expression of inherited, implicit directives, dreams, and dissociations. We are an ecology, we are an archive. What are these, our bodies, and how far do they extend? Together we will dangle in the questions, loiter in the liminal while exploring subjectivity with breath, movement, and language.

keywords: Breath, Rhizome, Flesh, Somatic Knowledge



Alain Calliau & Imani Ramses

an IDOCDE residency

laying down the flags

10:30AM till 11:30AM

Alain & Imani are inviting you to a subtle celebration of living spaces. 
Participants will be given a series of proposals to guide them as they lay down the flags in an unspoken declaration of everything.
During the practice, the participants are asked to perceive the sidewalk, the streets, the squares, the park bench as places of collective ownership.
The participants can share their experiences in a digital archive to be later discussed and presented at the group's virtual meetings.
Together we shall take notice of "what is ours" as a way of celebrating the ever-present vitality offered in the spaces we inhabit everyday.


PRESENTATION July 31 - 10:30 - 11:15 "Laying Down The Flags" Performance Presentation
The schedule:
10 minute - Introduction
20 minute - Live Participatory Demonstration
15minunte - Discussion
keywords : Public Space, collective ownership, celebration, flags, improvisation


Christian Apschner

Entangled Life – An Experimental Journey into the World of Fungi

noon till 2PM

Mycology, the knowledge of fungi, is a science that challenges paradigms, can deconstruct belief systems and can disrupt binary conceptions through its own living logic. Fungi create worlds and have the ability to change how we think. One way or another, they will co-shape the future. Foraging mushrooms could be considered a cognitive-somatic practice. Improvising with mushrooms as partners?

Buildung on some mycological knowledge* we will dive into a sensorimotor experience. We will see what kind of dance might want to happen when we connect our individual mycilia into a collective mykhorrizal network.


Anna Tsing: Unruly Edges: Mushrooms as Companion Species (for Donna Haraway)
Merlin Sheldrake: Entangled Life: How fungi make our worlds, change our minds and shape the future
Paul Stamets: Fantastic fungi. How Mushrooms can heal, shift consciousness, and save the planet
Patricia Kaishian: The Science Underground: Mycology as a queer discipline (preprint)

keywords: fungi, mycelium, evolution, biology, composition, improvisation, cognition, affordances 



Liza Futerman

Focusing and non violent communication in motion: A somatic research lab 

2PM till 3:30PM

This 90 minute workshop invites us to use our bodies as agents of change through which we embody compassion, empathy, curiosity and gratitude to who we are. Embodying these emotional qualities allows us to foster joy, resilience, love and the sense of belonging in our relationships with ourselves and others. 

During the session we are going to draw inspiration from the given moment, using improvisation techniques and strategies taken from focusing, mediation and somatic experience practices. 

We will gently engage with our bodies’ movement in a way that will help us rediscover how to tap in pleasure, joy, happiness, gratitude, goodwill and the sense of enoughness.

We will acknowledge the sense of grief and pain that might emerge as we let go of patterns (physical, emotional and intellectual) that don't serve us in the relationships we wish to foster in our lives, and primarily in our inner relationship.

The workshop is adjustable for all ages and abilities and is offered in person and via zoom.



Jorge Guevara Larrotta & Naoto Hieda


4PM till 5:30PM




4pm - 5pm; #practice
5pm - 5:30pm; #chat


Live stream session on this link


“In short, #bestpracticesincontemporarydance is a framework to practice a queer form of conversation between technology and bodies"


In April 2020, during the 1st COVID-Lockdown, we start meeting weekly online to #practice for an hour. We stream, distort and alter the videos of ourselves and each other.

Another important aspect of the practice is a #chat, a casual discussion that usually lasts for half an hour to an hour between the two of us (sometimes there is a guest) to reflect on and theorize the practice. 

Along with the #practices, all #chat sessions are recorded and uploaded in YouTube to create a #massiveonlinearchive that we and others can revisit. This is very important for our framework because we believe that the field of dance-tech collaboration in general is still immature and in its early phase so that coders, artists, dancers and choreographers need to develop a vocabulary to accommodate technological flesh and embodied code rather than using technology superficially in dance pieces. By publishing practice and chat videos, we contribute to a wider audience in the community to stimulate such discussion.


Link to #practice playlist archive

Link to the #chat playlist archive


keywords: practice, digital dance, post-dance, glitch, net-art, posthumanism, decolonization



maRia Probst & Susanne Hochreiter

About Dance, Comics and Survival

6PM till 8PM

So here we are, right in the gutter. Having switched from full on
physicality towards imagination and poetry into the 2nd dimension of
zoom world and its shifting panels, blurry images and vaguely moving
bodies. I meet you: omnipotent, fragmented and vulnerable. Thrown into a
comic-like world we find ourselves in the abundance of sensual
abstractions and joyful signs. Let's explore, let's dialogue,  let s be
in touch!

keywords: dance, comics, fragmentation




Reception at the ImPulsTanz Lounge





Sunday, August 1st, 2021

ONLINE + streamed into the studio at Arsenal



Siegmar Zacharias


5AM till 7AM

I'm happy to meet you soon.

Here is how you can prepare for resisting disconnect.

To come together at the IDOCDE symposium is to step out of our daily routines into a special shared place and time with others. As we cannot share that physically with each other, I invite you to set that frame for yourself. Choose a place where you want to sit that is not the place where you normally work. It can be anywhere, even your bed. Change the light if you want. Switch off your phone if you want. What do you need to feel that you are ready to step out and enter our collective space? Who or what do you bring and who or what do you let go? Let’s acknowledge the grief present in this time. Grief for the dead, grief for the climate, grief for social injustice, grief for a certain idea of future, individual, collective, worldly and planetary grief. Grief for the lack of touch.

Let’s listen together with our bodies. 

Bring something heavy that you can place on your body or hold in your hand. 
Bring a hot water bottle and a blanket.
Lay down if you want.
Listen with your eyes closed, or listen in the dark.
Listen with headphones.

I want to offer this session that consist of a collective listening and a conversation as a collective grieving practice. Let’s learn to listen with our whole bodies to presences and to absences and hold that space together for each other. 


Looking forward

warm hugs

keywords: listening, binaural recording, uncontrollable materials



Glenna Batson & Susan Sentler

The F/OLD 
Decay…Catalytic Agent of Per/Mutation

10:30AM till noon

The Fold is a somatic entry into exploring the infinite manifestations of folding of matter and material. Facilitators Susan and Glenna will offer a taste of folding from an array their embodiment work entitled The F/old as Somatic/Artistic Practice.

The workshop theme: Decay

Decay is a paradoxical agent. Permeable, mutable, and suffused with impulses, decay is the alchemist that lies in the in-between states of entropy and possibility. As a leaf withers in the fall, it lets go of its form, gesturing into new identities. Rather than signaling an end, fallen leaves saturate the soil and fill the underbelly of the fallow ground with nutrients. Likewise, our bodies hold mysterious traces of decay, death and resurrection spanning across multiple time scales. We fold and unfold through the play of time, dis-integrating, recycling, regenerating throughout life. The dynamical play can at once, be a slow shedding or a sharp cleavage between layers of matter. Rot or rust, lint or lysis, we invite the unknown to dissolve static states and habitual modes of control. 

This workshop offers an exploration into the folding of matter and material. In the time allotted, participants will sample the F/old, exploring the theme of decay as a catalytic agent in art making. Susan and Glenna will transform the online format into a liminal space, a sensory-rich immersion in which to enter and re-enter somatic states of per/mutation. Through guided improvisation of folding, together, we will saturate the landscape with kinesthetic and visual images of decay, a moving matrix out of which to curate and distill an an-archive of motifs and meanings.

Come join us in discovering your mushroom mind. Become an ecological chemist as you practice the wild.

keywords: somatic, folding, movement improvisation, decay, liminal, multimedia play, curation



lo bil & Alfredo Dillanes

]*%rstnz sourcing connection 

2PM till 3:30PM

IDOCDE residency

A participatory choreographic proposal to think, move and be with questions about decolonization, unsettling settlers, and shifting perception through documenting art practice.

our instagram is a collectively authored associative game.  we open the space for anonymous posts from the IDOCDE community:

password: idocde2021

we are thinking about land back, about feeling through the unsettling, acknowledging the body in a state of constant change. developing skill at spiralling wildness. 
and documenting actions toward self governance and nurturing slow-time relationality with community including non-human ancestors.

keywords: participatory choreographic proposal decolonization play playful



Myrna de la Garza

Ränder Mönster, Exploring conference

4:30PM till 6PM

¿How does exploring the ideas of: cycles, rhythmic phrases and line patterns in the work of art Ränder Mönster of Myrna de la Garza; allow us to find new ways of perceiving ourselves and to re-signify the traces that experiences and time leave in our soma?


Ränder Mönster (Patrón de líneas) Conferencia exploratoria 

¿De qué manera explorar las ideas de: ciclos, frases rítmicas y patrones de líneas en la  obra Ränder Mönster de Myrna de la Garza, nos permite encontrar nuevas formas de percibirnos a nosotras mismas y re-significar las huellas que, las experiencias y el tiempo dejan en nuestro soma?



Laura Rios

How to cultivate the mystery?

¿Cómo cultivar misterio?

6PM till 8PM

an IDOCDE residency


Join this mysterious dance
Listen and follow.
Do what you see.
Cultivate calm
Don´t try to understand.  
Death is natural
Chaos is invited.  Embrace it.
Open the door to the ones that are not with us.
Surrender to the unknown… 

Allow the unseen and unspoken to be present.



Únete a esta misteriosa danza
Haz lo que ves
Cultiva Calma.
No trates de entender.  
Morir es natural.
Caos está invitado.  ¡Abrázalo!
Abre la puerta a quienes se han ido.
Ríndete a lo desconocido

Permite que quienes estén ausentes se hagan presentes...





  1. Paper and a pen
  2. At least one mysterious object. (Can be more).  Objects have memory. For sure, you´ve been keeping one or more.  Maybe you don´t even know why.
  3. Mirror or another mobile device
  4. Curious body  
  5. A lamp 
  6. A translucent fabric
  7. Musical instrument (optional)
  8. You don't have to bring anything.
  9. You can bring something  that is not listed.



  1. Papel y pluma
  2. Objeto misterioso.  (Pueden ser varios).  Los objetos tienen memoria, seguramente guardas uno o más y ni siquiera sabes por qué.
  3.  Espejo u otro dispositivo móvil
  4. Cuerpo curioso 
  5. Una lámpara
  6. Una tela translúcida
  7. Instrumento musical (opcional)
  8. Puedes nada traer
  9. Puedes traer algo que no esté enlistado.