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IDOCs » "The two sides of touch" ImpulsTanz - Vienna- 22/07/2013
In this IDOC you will find the description of the first class of the workshop and two audio recordings. In the first one, each participant tells their name and why they choose this workshop. In the second they read a selected extract of what they wrote after the movement practice.

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Documentation as a reflexive tool for movement and composition awareness

The aim of the class is to train perception and composition awareness through the dialogue between a sensorial exploration and its documentation. We will take a score from Lisa Nelson as  a daily movement practice. I have named this score " The two sides of touch”. We will document this practice with drawing, filming, writing and talking scores. Participants will circulate between all modes and uses them as reflexive tools to unfold their movement and performance awareness. The multi-sensorial and polyphonic documentation built up along the week, will operate as a feedback system: Students will understand and communicate their point of view through the documents they will produce. In that way they will share their knowledge and teach each others.

You can find the whole description of the workshop here:


22/07/2013, Day 1 : With Jenny Beyer, Kana Inamura, Gaja Karolczak, Magda, Alexandra Maricich and Mariah Martens


Sitting in a circle, i have asked each participant  to tell their name and why they choose this workshop. I recorded the answer with an Iphone. (listen below)


Then  i have introduced the practice of  "The two sides of touch”,  a name that i have given to a score from Lisa Nelson.  In a duet , one person was the environment, one person was the explorer. The explorer could use his hand to explore the environment or use the environment to explore herself. They stayed first in a limited area ( around one hand) then this area expanded to the whole body. They both shifted from being eyes open and eyes closed.After 20 minutes they changed roles. At 40 minutes they where both explorer and environment at the same time. ( We did the practice for 60 minutes).


I proposed to write about the movement experience (15 minutes)


I proposed to select an extract to share with the others.


Each participant red its selection  and i recorded with the Iphone. (listen below)


I have made one idoc for each day of the ImpulsTanz workshop. You can find all the overwhole documentation in the folder:

Another folder that gathers document of a similar proposal in Ponderosa 2012:



day 1 presentation
Day 1 reading a selection
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