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Tags are one way how to find idocs that match your interest and are also able to give an impression to users what topics are relevant– by several idocs using the same tags they will appear bigger in the tag cloud, thus giving an idea on what is being discussed in depth.

- look for existing tags that fit and use these ones before creating a new one.
- be aware that in the „search“ hits in tags, title, and summary (but not the main text) will be shown.
- check for typos or similar writings that can be unified (i.e. „somatic“ – „somatics“)
- tags only appear after the tag cloud has been refreshed by editor, so please be patient for some days for your tags to appear in the cloud.
- 4 tags per idoc: please choose the most relevant tags. Use one tag per field.
- If you use other than written media, use one tag for „video“, „audio“ or whatelse applies.
- If you write about another dance teacher, use her/his name as a tag
- 2 words per tag, if you use more words, the tag won’t appear in the cloud.
- There is a maximum of 30 letters per tag.