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First Steps

What is an idoc?

An idoc is one documentation unit about an aspect of contemporary dance education. The format can be diverse: written, video, pdf, audio etc – or a combination of these.

One idoc needs to be complete in itself. Choose a topic or a theme that seems doable to you. A common mistake is not to contextualize an idoc enough, which will diminish understanding for readers. Please explain the circumstances for your idoc as clearly and precisely as possible. Do not take anything for granted, in other words: please take your reader /viewer at the hand.

As a general rule – please put on the website what you yourself would like to read about!

While we acknowledge that some idocs might be of interest for some, but not for others, ask yourself:

-       what is my message and have i transmitted it clearly with appropriate means?
-       what is the purpose of my idoc?
-       Can someone who has not the same experience as i have (so pretty much everyone else) understand my idoc?

More questions you can find here. Another helpful idoc could be this.

We highly recommend to ask your mentor, a buddy or one of the editors to read your idoc and give feedback before you publish it.

Click in „types of idocs“ the „idoc try out“ and write a message to other dance educators whose contributions you appreciate to give you feedback.