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HOME, working with children from children homes
A presentation of the didactical methods that were used in the project HOME, a project in which a group of dancers worked with groups of children from children homes in Moldova, Ukraine and...
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By Benno Voorham Eligible Member
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multiple bodies
A workshop exploring improvisational structures or scores.
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By Sybrig Dokter Eligible Member
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"Come together, be together, work together"/Symposium propos...
Workshop on reflecting and exchanging. We explore themes like commitment-non commitment, collectivity-individuallity, rules -no rules, the changing of the roles from teaching to participatin...
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By [Multiple Creators]
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On Teaching and the Importance of Being Not - a Seminar
The core questions behind On Teaching and the Importance of Being Not - a Seminar are: What are the skills a person needs in order to live and work (successfully) in today’s environment?...
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IDOCDE Symposium Proposal - When Collaborations Match
The proposal for this workshop is to zoom in on different types of collaborations, looking into the choreographer-dancer roles and the teacher-dancer roles. In the workshop we will try out d...
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By Sanne Clifford Eligible Member
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Submission to LEAP: Partnering Beyond Genres
Submission by Jack Gallagher and Marcella Moret to co-lead a lab work session entitled "Sustaining Creative Directions in Partnership: Beyond Genres"
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By [Multiple Creators]
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Dance to idocde: documentation through video [2014 edition]
Dance to idocde: documentation through video Video - Workflow - Camera - Technology: Hands-on workshop
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By Martin Streit Eligible Member
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Sharing Visions - proposal for IDOCDE Symposium 2014
A proposal to share Visions, my on going research about poetic and multi modal dance documentation. A two hours session that will combine a video presentation, a sensorial exploration,...
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By Anouk LLaurens Eligible Member
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By Sally E Dean
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Proposal: Seeds of Dance-Phenomenological approach to dance
“Seeds of Dance-Phenomenological approach to dance” is a series of methods which focuses on making dancer, as well as non-dancer obtain sharpen sensitivity to communicate with the enviro...
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By Ryuzo Fukuhara
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The Axis Syllabus VS Rolfing
The Axis Syllabus VS Rolfing – an interdisciplinary exchange in pursuit of a healthy movement practice.
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By [Multiple Creators]
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