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Program & Schedule

The schedule and program of 2014 Symposium is here as pdf!

However you can find the list of attending teachers and their Symposium proposals in the teach me (not) folder in the link.

If you wish to go into details from here check the links below. When you click on the name of the teacher you can reach his profile. When you click on his/her proposal you can see based on which lecture/workshop or presentation details s/he was selected for the Symposium.

The Axis Syllabus vs Rolfing by Michael Kellenberger & Matthew Smith

Seeds of Dance-Phenomenological Approach to Dance by Ryuzo Fukuhara

Somatic Costume by Sally E Dean

Sharing Visions by Anouk LLaurens

Dance to idocde: documentation through video (2014 Edition)  by Martin Streit

Learning in the gap between feeling and expression by Sabine Holzer

Partnering Beyond Genres by Jack Gallager  & Marcella Moret 

On Teaching and the Importance of Being Not  by Pavle Haidler

HOME, working with children from children homes by Benno Voorham

Rewriting Distance by Guy Cools & Lin Snelling

Non-Hierachical Teaching Lab by Helena Hrotko & Éva Karczag

Dancing at an advanced age by Maud Paulissen-Kaspar & Kerstin Kussmaul   

Come together, be together, work together by Elina Ikonen Pia Lindy

When Collaborations Match by Sanne Clifford

Multiple Bodies by Sybrig Dokter

IDOCDE Forum by Kerstin Kussmaul & Eszter Gal

Panel Discussion moderated by Nita Little, hosting Cristina Caprioli  (SE),Frey Faust (Ger / USA), Sabina Holzer (AT) 

Flee Market for Education - TTT Budapest Presentation by Defne ErdurHeléna Hrotkó Iskra Sukarova


Hope you enjoy peeking thru thoughts, triggers and ideas in the propositions till we meet in Vienna!

Your symposium and LEAP project team:

Andrea Boll, Defne Erdur, Eszter Gál, Kerstin Kussmaul