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updates, updates, updates

Dear Members of the IDOCDE Community,

Team IDOCDE is proud to be able to finally make the following announcement: the IDOCDE website arrived at the most anticipated and significant update yet! You can now––using most internet browsers––upload a wide range of video formats in a wide range of sizes to your idocs using the drag-and-drop method (see image below)! With IDOCDE’s new video player you can expect faster streaming, better playback, and easy access to the full-screen mode!

Please note: if the drag-and-drop method is not compatible with your internet browser, the available option is always to click the good-old plus sign below the main text box [see image below] which, as it always did, lets you upload documents by selecting them from the drop-down menu.




You can now upload photographs and other documents to your idocs, and change your profile picture using the same drag-and-drop method!

This is the first major update to the website’s functionality since its release, and so a definite cause for celebration. As you will know, IDOCDE’s mission is to encourage the individual practitioner in (1) recognising the specific knowledge as it’s articulated within the frame of their practice and (2) sharing this knowledge independently from the institutional frameworks of knowledge production; which are often found to be––if not exclusive, then––too slow to successfully serve this ever-growing, ever-advancing, this extremely diverse community. To do this, our long-term commitment is with making the IDOCDE website a state-of-the-arts user-friendly service, one that can help you document, store, and most importantly share your findings, the results of your research with the community as soon as you’re physically ready.


With love and devotion,
pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE

November 2018