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on symposium scheduling and languaging against the odds
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Tracing Forwards –––––– the question of (human) nature
New Year, New Symposium, New Story
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Ashes to Ashes, Water to Words
Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujourd'hui ... [1]
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I Can Not Not Move. Can You?
IN THE SPACE OF STUDY – notes on The Legacy Project and the 2017 IDOCDE Symposium
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what you give will remain yours forever
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What can dance bring to culture?
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Solo thinking does not exist
The Importance of Being [Un]Necessary
Hot Stones Notwithstanding
Documenting what is in a flux
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The Technology Coordinator
Potential for Relationship, Subversion and Emergence
A quantum LEAP to REFLEX
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Teaching Form[less]?
Questioning it all?
After a few months of ephemerality…
Failing Successfully!
Her sweet boredom…
teaching dance, flying airplanes and surgery procedures
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Revisiting Our Reality
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Treasure Hunt
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Body time & Politics
Morning training opening at K3
Symposium 2013 Vienna
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Hello… What are you doing here?

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Instructions:


Below you will see seven questions. Find the answer to each (either a number or a letter) and that's the PASSWORD! (the password is capital sensitive)

2/ Login with the name: and the PASSWORD (you have found)!
If the password is correct, you will get into an account. Go to the profile page, where you will find 1 hidden idoc. 

3/ Open that idoc to find out what the surprise PRIZE is that you can WIN!

4/ To finish the hunt, every member of your team please send a message from the treasure hunt account to Eszter Gál with your name in it –

You have 45 minutes! ...but of course you might finish much earlier....



1. Find the 1st letter of the 2nd word of the tag cloud (setting: high tag threshold)!

2.There is one female Belgian teacher based in Antwerp with an idoc with a one-word title. Go to that idoc and see who was the first person who appreciated it. Then take the first letter of the company that this person joined in 1998.

3. How many individual idocs were written by the first person who appreciated the last link of the  editorial about standing still in Istanbule?

4. What do you call a person that slows down or stabilizes the whole group? Find the word in the title of an idoc posted in summer 2013! Take the first letter of that word!

5. What is the number of the FFTD that deals with the question of life with 8 limbs?

6. In the Dance Education Forum there is a question about developing a workshop based on the French concept "bal."  In one of the replies Sabina suggests the film "Le Bal." What is the first initial of the last name of the film's director?

7. Find the place in the website where there is information about how people should behave on the website. When you have found it count how many guides for conduct there are.